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* Reference date: 06/30/2021

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Inter is a complete platform that simplifies people's lives, from the free digital account to online shopping. From investments to insurance that make a difference in the day by day, all straight on the phone. That is why, and for the innovative spirit that underlies our work every day, that Inter keeps growing. From 2020 to now, there were more than 4 million new customers, totalizing 9 million people who trust our work and believe that life can be easier. If you also believe in the power of simplicity, get to know Inter and be part of the platform´s story which never stop growing.

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The Investor Relations department is exclusively dedicated to analysts and investors.

For questions regarding the Digital Checking Account please contact us at 3003-4070.

Helena Lopes Caldeira
Diretora de RI

Felipe Lobo Rezende
Coordenador de RI


+55 (31) 2138-7974

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